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This journal is about 3 very special horses: a talented young dressage horse, a horse I've won in hunt with who I'm now training for western, and a three year old who I'm working to train to be ridden.

I ride, show, and train Arabian horses. Dressage, Hunt, Western, Reining, and Trail.

This will be my little journal.
The following list, is a list of the horses I'll be writing about (I ride many others besides these ones, but these 3, are "my" horses) and a little about each of them.

Heir To Liberty
Heir To Glory x Regent Stanzi
Barn Name: Liberty
Nicknames: Lib, Libby, Berty
2001 Bay Arabian Gelding
Disciplines: Dressage
I'm training him for dressage, and will be showing him this next show season. He is expected to be able to perform up to 4th level. I've been riding him since 2007

Moonlight Mystique
Moonlight Romeo x ?
Barn Name: Mysti
Nicknames: Mysti Moo, Moo Moo
1998 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Disciplines: Western, Hunt, and Trail
I've been riding her for nearly 3 years, and shown her in hunt and halter, up to AOSC Arabian Championships, were we got a top 5. This summer, in 4 shows, we placed first, 5 times. She really can't go very high in hunt, so now we're retraining her to be a fantastic western horse. She's had one baby, Cairon, who is a national level hunt horse.

Regent Psyerra
Psymadre x LB Khourojable
Barn Name: Psyerra (pronounced Sierra)
Nicknames: Cee Cee, Silly Goose
2006 Chestnut Arabian Filly
Disciplines: Dressage
I've always liked her, ever since she was born. Now, I've been asigned to work with her, and help train her to go under saddle. She is obviously not trained to be ridden yet.

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