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The most useful things you can teach a trail horse

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It would be nice to have a list of useful things we can teach our trail horses, to make trail riding easier and more pleasant! Please pitch in some ideas!

I'll start:

1) Standing still while mounting
2) Standing still after mounting
3) Positioning for mounting
4) Standing still on the trail while I try to look at my phone or map
5) Allowing me to play with halter/bridle while in the saddle (readjusting, removing a lead rope etc.)
6) Side passing
7) opening gaits
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Not the most useful but peeing on command
When I leave the barn I cross this piece of grass about 10 inches high
I can whistle a certain way and he stops, spreads and pees
I know that is out of the way and he is comfortable
I don't worry about others peeing since you can not see it but it makes Rio comfortable
He pees very little in the stall, poops along the very back of the stall so cleaning is very simple and 1 shovel of bedding
and he is well bedded
I am fussy about his care
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