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The mother of all spooks and my hands….

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… where do my hands go while my horse decides he’s taking off to escape a commotion (rider fell right behind us)? Right up! Pulling the reins UP! Instinctively, I guess, as I should know better. How do I correct this?! I mean, he did stop, but it wasn’t elegant.

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Did the horse spin or just accelerate forward? If just acceleration, then just give the cue to slow or stop. If the horse spins, either correct him back using the standard turn cue, or (if he's gone past 180 degrees or needs to for balance) keep him turning through 360 degrees. I suspect my hands come up too, although that may be because A) I usually have some slack (western), and B) my horse usually raises his head in a spook.

Plenty of transitions may help. Spooks are just an unasked for acceleration forward, a sudden stop, or an unasked for turn followed by a sprint or stop. And sometimes a jump sideways or a jump over an invisible hurdle.
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