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My name is Melanie. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania at the moment with both of my parents, my brother, and my grandmother. I am 16 and I am the only one in the family that does anything with any of the horses we own, all though we only own two. I got my Mare Shadow along with a psyco Sorrel Quarter Horse three years ago. I went away to a camp for a week and when i returned home there were two horses in our pasture. I automatically fell in love with Shadow. She had a very sweet disposition and I loved her. I went to Tractor Supply on a day when they had people from the AQHA there and there was a tack sale. I was able to buy a bareback riding pad with stirrups and a blue nylon bridle. I took those home and started riding Shadow. I soon learned that The Qh was just a bit of a nut case. About 4 months later I decided to get another horse, so we went to Ephrata where they had camp horses. I chose a very skinny 20 year old Bay retired race horse. His name was sarge and I loved him. We gave him a nice stall and introduced him to the girls. He taught me how to jump and then I started to train Shadow to jump. She slowly got better at jumping and now jumps 4 foot. In January of 2008 I believe it was I was riding Shadow when my dad came home from the auction and told me to get off shadow and come with him to pick out a saddle. Well he knew I wanted a paint horse and they had about 5 of them there. My mom drug me to the back where the horses were and showed me an adorable little black and white paint horse. Her hind right leg was swollen and bleeding. Her leg had gotten caught in the trailer when the people were unloading. My mom asked the boy who was there how much they wanted for her and he said 500 dollars. Well we took that and bought the little paint. In two weeks after we had her, her leg was then healed and then I started to break her. She was three years old and I broke her in about a week and a half. I started to train her in dressage and jumping and then my mother decided to sell her. Well the week before the people that my mom decided to sell her to, She began to colic. She did this for a week and the day before they came to get her it cleared out of her system.

Our neighbors next door had somebody boarding a Thoroughbred mare there and she was there because she was pregnant and going to have a baby. Well her owners had helped us with the paint and when we were down to just owning Shadow and I began to look for a horse they told me that when Lily Wood, the TB, had her baby and they weaned the baby they would consider giving her to me. Because they needed to either find a new home for her or breed her again. Well they baby came a week after memorial day last year and he was adorable. well I kept looking for a horse and In November when they weaned him, I got a beautiful bay 15.2 hand Thoroughbred Mare. They told me that she made over $200,000.00 in her racing career and was a good mare. I got her and was able to break her in a week solid. She hadnt had a saddle on her in two years and only knew how to run. Well She had the smoothest trot I've felt in a while and the week after she was broken I started her over 1 foot jumps. She is probably one of the best horses I've ever trained since I got Shadow. I am hoping when all this snow melts I will be able to finish training her and sell her for a lot. So when I graduate High School and get out of school I am planning on opening a show jumping training stable in North Nevada.

And I am also known as the lone rider by the people that work at the small local airport near my home.

The first picture is Shadow, The second, my paint horse Lily, The Third my New Thoroughbred Lily Wood, The 4th the Quarter horse, and the last, the eye of my old Thoroughbred.


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