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Another one coming your way ... again only one picture but hopefully getting more. If you can offer your thoughts on this 5 year old quarter horse. Reminds me of Black Beauty when I was kid back home. 馃槉. Just hacking western fairs a little popping over small jumps. What do you think ?


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If you aren't looking for a competition horse then I would worry more about sound and sane. Any horse can pop over lower level jumps. Form may not be perfect but you can work on safety and correctness for jumping obstacles on a trail.

You don't want a horse whose conformation will eventually cause an soundness and depending on the fault mean micromanaging to keep it sound.

Look at the level of training they have and what they have done and are capable of and then go for a test ride. See how they feel and what sort of mindset they have. Willingness to do as you ask.

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With all the horses you've presented for comment and critique...
I've forgotten what it is you are looking for this animal to do and at what level of riding is it you want the animal to be forward in ability toward?

So many things "a horse" can do but need built different for some disciplines...
The picture you know is not the greatest for critiquing but dependent upon what it is you want to do this could be a nice horse to actually go see...
Nice horses don't stick around long either...they get seen and scooped up pretty quick so honestly, when you see something that catches your eye its great to ask for comment but you are wasting time and going to lose the advantage and the animal be sold before you dial the phone. :|

For the picture as it is, this is a nice looking horse...
No horse is going to be "perfect" and perfect is in the eye of the one looking too...
What I search and seek may not be the same priority as your list of wants...
What is never known is personality, heart and will to try what you ask...and that can be worth more than any perfect body build ever.
It isn't just the looks you need to take into consideration but the stuff you can't see...guts.

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Looks pretty good but we'll need more pics if we're going to really critique it's conformation.
Wikipedia shows you how to gauge a horse's conformation for each part of the horse.
If you post more pics we can critique it ourselves.

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Flat Croup

Associated with low striding action. If too flat, the legs are carried too far back, limiting stride and power

I disagree about the site's "flat croup" being a defect. Arabians have flat croups and are certainly not defective. The croup top line is simply the spinous process of the pelvic vertibrae.
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