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TONS of new stuff for sale!! *LOW PRICES* FS/Trade

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Lots of new stuff for sale! Everything listed is Neg. And I am always willing to trade!! Tell me what you like!

Hunter Green Stall Guard - $10

Navy Blue Lunge Line with swivel. Used but in good condition - $10

Parelli lasso type thing, honestly I don't know what its for it just came with the package! I'm sure some parelli savvy people will know what to do with it. Never been used - $15

Wooden saddle rack to hang on stall doors for easy saddle access in the aisle - $10

Gold Helmet cover with black horses on it - $5

Punto Gear safety vest. Size XL, zips and velcros in front and velcros on sides. Hasn't been used in years I just found it. Great condition! -$15

Hunter Green Shipping wraps. Size L -$15

Black fringed Full Chaps, Size L. A bit worn in the calf area where it rubs with the saddle. - $20

Maroon Polo wraps, set of 4, like new condition - $10

Likit stall toy (likits not included) - $15

Navy blue mini halter - $7

Mini/pony grazing muzzle - $5

Lime green mini breakaway halter with grazing muzzle - $8

Maroon grooming tote (puppy no included lol) - $6
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Like i said on HGS...I will take the two nintendo ds games. Just add that with the rainbow crop. Okay?

Where did you find the vest? You haven't worn that since you left Ca right? I like wearing my vest. I feel weird without it.

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