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I'm not sure if this is the correct location for this question, but here it goes.

I've seen a few posts and videos on different social media platforms about trail classes, and it looks very interesting. However, I'm having a hard time finding any information on trail classes or events. What I've been seeing is a lady walk her horse through obstacles, and I know she's being graded on it. I thought this was very interesting, and something I could potential do with my horse since she's unrideable at the moment. I've been working a lot on her ground work and desensitizing her to many things. One of the videos I saw was the lady walking her horsed through cutup swimming noodles, then dragging a tarp next to her, followed by going over a bridge.

I'm just trying to find more information on this type of event (if it's even considered an event), and if anyone could drop some knowledge for me.

Thank you!
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