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Training day! =]

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There is more info. in my log, but today my sisters and I went out and rode the horses.
I am getting Romeo ready for shows, and PintoBean ready to be ridden.
Please do not critique the girl riding Romeo, she is a newer rider.
DEMI:(Yes, she is wearing Romeo's halter because right before these pictures she broke her pink one...)

^Here, I will look cute for you!!!

^How does blue look on me??

^Hairy chinnn

^I love this picture, but I hate the chair in the background...

Trot kayla trot

^Around the third "barrel"


Continue please!
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PINTOBEAN: (Sorry about the quality of the pictures, that is what happens when you give an 11 year old control of the camera)

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id shorten that girls stirrups a tad =] let her gain her balance .

they look cuteee =]
^thank you!
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