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Transfering Ownership Woes

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So...I've been meaning to transfer Tessa's papers into my name for awhile but somehow I put it on the "to-do" list without actually doing it. I decided I'm finally going to get it done otherwise it'll just be put off again. I claimed a year ago that I was going to transfer her papers but not really knowing what it meant or how to go about it. Fast forward to now, I've become an APHA member and have studied how to transfer the papers. Unfortunately, it appears the last owner showing up on her transfer record (on bottom of registration paper) is her breeder. I know she's transferred hands 2 times since but I don't believe the people we bought her from transferred her into their name, or the person before that.

On the back of her paper is the signature of the breeder and the date of sale (over 10 years ago) but nothing else is filled in. So I guess the good news is that I don't have to track down a middle owner to get all the signatures and transfer forms sent in for every owner since. I have to track down her breeder and they sold her 10 years ago. I mean their signature is on Tessa's paper but I'll need it on another transfer form as well, right? So I guess I need to track down her breeder. I have their APHA membership number and the name...the closest I've gotten so far is finding an article from one of the shows they've competed in. Oh, and I found Tessa's half sister lol. I've been following bunny trails and searching key words but I was wondering if there was a better way to do this? I thought perhaps APHA would have some information but I haven't found anything so far...

I guess I'm just asking for someone with experience with a situation like this to help me out. I want to make sure I do this the right way! Thanks :)
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This is what the back of her papers look like. I blocked out names, date, signature, and APHA ID # for privacy. But like I said, nothing else is filled out. The date and signature must've been from the first owner they sold her to. So I'm not sure if I need to fill anything else out on there. I guess I'm kind of stuck on which step to take next. So if someone could recommend what to do next or give me a link to a top-secret search engine to find breeders, that would be most appreciated :lol:

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Just read your last post again-so she was transferred to someone else, officially, noted on the back of those papers?In that case, you need to get a transfer form that person
You don't need to find the breeder, just the last person on the back, that is recorded as having her transferred to= ie, owning her far as records
Enlarging that transfer, I do not see as to where it was ever done. It lists the seller, but nothing far as the buyer, so she must still be in the name of the breeder. I guess you could fill in your own name as the buyer, Is it dated?
Well that's the weird seems like they "halfway" transferred her. So the seller (breeder) filled in a little bit of the info (yes, including the date) and signed it but nothing else. The last owner listed on Tessa's paper is the breeder. It doesn't appear as if the buyer filled anything out or actually transferred her. So yeah I'm just trying to track down the breeder. I wish the date wasn't filled in, otherwise I could just fill out the rest of the info. I'll just keep following clues to try to track down the breeder. It is kind of fun playing investigator lol.
I would call APHA and explain that you have gotten the horse and have a signed transfer from the breeder and explain that it's out of date and ask them how to proceed. They're going to want to know where you got her from and I'd be honest about it. They may want you to have the person you bought her from sign a transfer form and then you can put her in their name, then in yours. Most of the time they'll do it all at once. Looks like APHA doesn't have any 'penalty' fees for transferring late, so it might only cost you for 2 transfers.
Okay I'll just call them and see what their advice is. It'll be good to finally have this good and done with! :)

They did not halfway transfer her.
The breeder simply filled out a signed transfer, which the buyer never followed trough on .
Yes sorry that's what a I meant :lol: The buyer never sent in the paper or did anything with it, as is apparent by the last owners listed on her papers. The seller seemed to have done their part which the buyer never did anything with!

Thanks for the help! Hopefully soon Tessa will "officially" be my horse
APHA officers were closed last week for Thanksgiving but got ahold of them today! They want me to get the transfer forms from in-between owners but are only charging one $25 fee! So yippee for that!! :lol:

Now I just have to track down all the owners...I'm pretty sure I can get ahold of the people we purchased Tessa from since I've saved all their contact information from when we were looking at her. I also have the breeder's address, but it's 10 years old so hopefully she still lives there lol. Very doubtful about getting ahold of the owner in-between them (as far as I know there were only 2 other owners before me excluding breeder) but hopefully between contacting last owner and breeder one of them will have that info! Wish me luck! ;-) Hopefully next update I will be the official owner of Tessa girl!:love:
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Yes I was originally planning on just getting a new transfer from the breeder as well and not from all the in-between owners but wanted to make sure I did it all correctly so contacted APHA. I ended up emailing APHA since their offices were closed so I figured they'd receive the email as soon as they were open again. And I was able to attach pictures to explain the predicament better than trying to over the phone.

Anyways, now I'm worried I didn't understand it right, but this is what they said (just quoted the parts applicable to this)

"APHA does not knowingly skip transfers of ownership for in-between owners (which is where we advise getting the individually signed transfers from known in-between owners), but we do process paperwork on a good-faith basis if it appears to be correct....If you can get the in-between transfers, you'll send them all to APHA together with the original and one $25 transfer fee."

I did explain that no other owners transferred her and they agreed that the breeder was the last one listed on the report. But if I'm understanding this correctly, they do want the in-between owners right? I'm not even positive they were APHA members...The part I tried to decipher for a long time was the "we do not skip transfers...BUT process paperwork on a good-faith basis if it appears to be correct." What exactly are they saying? Are they just saying they have to trust me to get all the transfers that occurred or that if I can't track down the owners they'll process what I do have?

One other question. On the transfer forms, would the buyer portion be filled out by the person who bought her at that time? For example, would the breeder fill out the seller part of transfer form and the person they sold her to fill out the buyer portion? I'm not filling out the seller part on every form, correct? Just the one from the last owner, who sold Tessa to me directly.

Thanks for helping me understand this guys! I'm really the only horse person in my family and only one who's had experience with registered horses (specifically APHA) so these are all new waters for me and I have no one to answer any questions! :lol: You guys are amazing thanks!!
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Good news! I was able to get ahold of the breeder and they filled out the transfer form.
They also talked to APHA to confirm that they would accept a transfer form between us, skipping the in-between owners. Turns out there were multiple in-between owners and I haven't been able to contact all of them and the ones I have haven't returned the transfer. So the transfer form is all filled out and it's on its way to APHA with the original certificate. In a few weeks Tessa will finally be transferred to my name. It was awesome talking to her breeder too! They were happy to hear that she was well taken care of and loved 11 years on. They thought that the person they sold her to transferred her so were surprised to hear they hadn't. They were so much help getting all their info to me!
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I am so very happy and relieved to say that I have just received Tessa's papers back! They transferred her to me with no issues despite not being able to contact in-between owners. I can't say how proud I am to have my name listed at the bottom of her papers!:love:
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