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Trilogy Verago Elite, Collegiate Equilibrium, Arabian Show Halter + More for Sale

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I'm selling lots of things right now to help fund a new saddle. If you are interested in anything, please PM me - I'm open to offers and willing to ship with-in the USA (potentially Canada too!). PayPal only. Also happy to list on EBay for an extra layer of purchaser protection (saddles and show halter are on EBay already).

Trilogy Verago Elite - 18" Seat - Wide tree - Comes with Trilogy Embroidered Pad
$1,250 OBO + cost of shipping.
Window Automotive lighting Wood Bicycle saddle Gas

Hood Automotive tire Plant Tent Shade

Collegiate Equilibrium - 18" Seat - Unknown Tree Size - Comes with HDR Monocrown bridle, rubber reins, 52" Camelot girth, irons, leathers, and show pad with number holders.
$750 OBO + cost of shipping (will part out, but trying to get rid of the whole set of things).
Working animal Horse tack Bridle Wood Saddle

Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Bicycle wheel Tread

Hood Automotive tire Bicycle tire Grass Bumper

Myler Combination Bit - 5.5" mouthpiece
$140 OBO + shipping.
Glasses Shoe Bag Body jewelry Sunglasses

Arabian Show Halter w/ Leather Lead
$125 OBO + shipping.
Gas Automotive tire Wood Machine Auto part

Starter Romel Reins - Unweighted, 45" not including popper
$100 OBO + shipping.
Wood Headgear Jewellery Cap Circle

Set of Open Front Jumper Boots - Horse Size
$75 OBO + shipping.
Outdoor shoe Walking shoe Grey Sportswear Font
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Wellington Collection Equestrian Hunt Jacket Size 10R
Some fraying of lining around collar, top button needs reattached
$70 OBO + shipping
Dress shirt Neck Sleeve Grey Collar

Medium SMB Elite Front Boots + No Turn Bell Boots (size unmarked but guessing medium). Flaws pictured.
$70 OBO + shipping.
Sleeve Textile Grey Red Flooring

Cap Sleeve Grey Fawn Bag

Sleeve Red Sportswear Pattern Tints and shades

Finger Sleeve Glove Safety glove Nail
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