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So I've been dying without riding, so I snuck an easy 5 mile trail ride on Kenzie yesterday, discovering if I don't use my stirrups and I keep my ankle in a brace, it doesn't bother me. My doctor said as long as I took it easy and didn't do anything stupid I could ride. YAY

I got back and grandpa told me to try out the new mare, Trixie. We were told she was a reining horse in her youth before she was turned out as a broodmare, then somehow she ended up sold, a friend bought her 300lbs underweight and kept her for a pasture puff. She can no longer afford her so we got her.

She's very well broke. Listened well. A bit lazy moving off of leg. Neck reined nicely. I only walked her with a lap of trotting since she's still a bit underweight and my saddle isn't the best fit for her. She is soooo smooth.

But reining horse? No. She's like "Leg? What's that? Oh you want me to trot? No? Sidestep what's that? Yield my hinds? Huh?"

She's basically "Kick means go/go faster. Neck rein to turn. Pull back to stop."

Grandpa says he'll try her out and if she rides as nice for him as me, we'll turn her out until her weight is where we want it, then spend a few months refreshing her and getting her a bit better trained and then try her as my niece's first pony.

I'm considering starting a journal on the herd. Anyone interested?


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