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Ugh! Horsehair on clothes!

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I have a serious problem with horsehair on my riding clothes. My lesson horse is a chestnut overo, and that means white hairs. Her left shoulder, where I usually pet her, is absolutely white. And, because Spring is coming, she's shedding like a madman. After my lesson, I am completely covered in tiny white hairs! Usually, I'll throw my coat, breeches and gloves into the wash, but lately the hairs haven't been coming out as good as they did. Does anyone have any tips for getting these annoying little hairs off my riding clothes, before they spread to my regular ones? (I store riding clothes and regular clothes together... probably should stop doing that!)
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Don't store your play clothes and your work clothes in the same closet. I have 6 degrees of clothing...kinda like "6 degrees of 'separation' "--
(1) Super dressy, like going to a wedding clothes,
(2) Very dressy, business and Christmas/Easter "at church" clothes
(3) Casual business
(4) Casual, go shopping, NO STAINS
(5) Schooling horses clothes
(6a) Mucking, gardening
(6b) REALLY DIRTY mucking, gardening and painting clothes
Just run them in the dryer, then put a wet washcloth in to dry and collect any hair that might turn up on your next washload.
Really, animal hair is the name of the game, so get used to it. =b
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