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Rescued our first foal this past week. Inquisitive boy, but he's completely unhandled not super wild though. He's starting to get used to us floating through the corral, and will sniff our hands. However, I don't want to push him or stress him more than needed. Any suggestions on the process to gentle him down, we would really appreciate it! We were told he is 4 or 5 months by the kill lot, but I really doubt it.

Our vet comes out Wednesday, any guesses on age?

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I’d say 2-3 months as well. So cute! I handled a foal at my former barn and did lots of scratches and also just standing peacefully with him in the pasture (and would sometimes bring him in for grain and grooming in the barn if the timing was right). I only saw him once a week and even then he would run over when he saw me.

Along with the other handling tips others have posted, find his favourite/most itchy spots and scratch. Foals make the cutest faces when you get it and it really helped with the bonding.
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