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Unsure if this saddle is legit or not

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My friend has a saddle she got back in 2017 that has never fit right to any horse. It always lifts up in the rear end while on the hire and has caused her to be bucked off time and time again. She never inspected to see what brand it was but know she's down sizing and I need to know if it's real or not the leather strap emblem on the back of the saddle right behind the seat says (cow country yoakum,tex, by circle Y 1062p770) hear are some pictures if anyone has any idea or just a guess would be awesome. Thank you
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I'm not understanding why you'd want a saddle that had never fit a horse well.
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I would say get rid of the saddle. If it doesn't fit and the horse is obviously uncomfortable, why keep it? It's not worth the possibility of someone or said horse getting hurt.
Your link doesn't work. I'd love to see the saddle.
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