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- 45" Fleece-Lined Nylon English Girth (Royal Blue) $10
Never been used. Tried on a horse for size, but not used.​
- 35" Western girth $10
Slightly used.​

- Small Leather Halter $15

Used for one foal, who quickly outgrew it. Used slightly, not very dirty, but very dusty from sitting in storage not being used. Would need a cleaning.​

This isn't much, but you never know what someone may need. Shipping can be calculated depending on your location, or you can choose Flat Rate Shipping. I will work with you on this. Also, if you are purchasing more than one item, prices can be lowered to accomodate.

I will only accept PayPal.

Also, I realize I am newer to Horse Forum (I do wish I knew about this site earlier). But I am a Verified PayPal user (see link below) as well as a long-time Ebay user (look me up: islandrea719. You should be able to see my feedback).

I do this because when I am contacting someone about a piece of tack I am interested in, I appreciate all information that placates my fears that it would be a scam.
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