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So My trainer and I suspect Klassic might have some tummy ulcers, so before calling the vet out we want to try to help/treat it ourselves so I dont have to pay a vet bill for them to just check it out and say get msart gut or somthing like it. So we are only doing a trail run on it and hope it clears up her super runny nasty poops.
I want to know if you have ever delt with ulcers in the tummy or somthing like it. What did you do?
I got her SmartGut from Smartpak, it comes next thurday.
I have tried elctrolights, diferent feeds, turnout, no beet pulp, vitimins, different stall locations, everything. She is now back on beetpulp and vitimins and a small amount of complete feed, abouta cup or 1.2 a cup a day and has 24 acsess to lots of water, she now has had daily turnout for over a month at my trainers barn is eating all her food.
I want this cleared up so that she feels better and poops likea normal horse, god solid poops... not mushy and explosive, as I know this isnt good for her inerds... and somthing must be going on, it has been off and on for almost a year and its gotten better for a month or two then just bad for another month or two. now its bad, hets all over her tail and legs.
What do you think?
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