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Posting for a friend: (This is the e-mail she sent me)

Tennessee Walking Horse
6 years old
Nice headset
Smooth gait
Green broke
$800 OBO

She gets along well with other horses and she's very friendly with people.

Rode her on a 2 1/2 hours trail ride at Tar Hollow last week with two other
horses. I think it was her first trail ride and she was a little nervous when
we started out, but calmed down nicely.

We are selling her to buy a more suitable horse for my husband who has a slight
disability that requires him to have a very calm, reliable horse. We bought
Dixie in December with the understanding that she was child safe and very well
broke. One doesn't spend a lot of time trying out a horse when it's 30 degress
outside and snowing. LOL. She isn't a bad horse, but she is very green and I
don't have the time to ride her enough to give her the experience she needs.
We really do need to find her a place before we get another one.
She's not bad, but she is green and I don't have time to work with her and
Gerald doesn't want to.


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