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I am in need of some things.. I maybe able to buy somethings but would like to mainly trading. Or partial trading

2 miniature horse Winter Blankets. I think a 50 and a 48. Any colors will be considered. Can take on with small repairs needed

3 fly masks with ears preferably but all will be considered. One horse sized and two foal/weanling or mini sized

3 sets of Polos wraps. One horse sized and two mini sized or yearling sized (if they make them?).

A mini horse sized saddle pad. For a western saddle.

A mini harness

Will add more things as I think of them.

Here is a current list of things I have to trade for.

Horse sized tack

Wonder gag bits. The top one is 5.75 and the bottom one is 4.25

0-Ring Snaffle 5

Minimum amount of rust.

Really nice purple bridle with hearts. Reins included. Only used maybe 10 times IF that.

Matching Breatcollar

Miniature horse tack.

Mini horse tail bag. 13 inches long. NEVER seen a horse. LOL I got a set of them and I only have one mini hehe

Mini horse Stable blanket/sheet. Is handmade. Was sold to me as a blanket but I think it would do better as a stable sheet. Only has a belly strap.

Small rip.

Another small rip.

Used a few times and Arrow has out grown it. 40 inch


Pair of vet wrap Purple never used.
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Not open for further replies.