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WANTED: Aussie saddle ( Kimberley )

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Looking for a saddle like this:
Down Under Kimberley Synthetic Australian Saddle -

Hoping to get a good deal on a used one...anyone got one for sale? Doesn't have to be EXACTLY like the one posted above.

Oh, looking for a 16 or 17" seat
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buy a new one, they are 250 and usually with free shipping and returnable if you dont like them and can get the tree shaped to your horse. makes no sense to buy one used. By the time you pay for private party shipping,
I have a 17" Syd Hill for sale. It is all leather but in great shape...selling it cheap because I need it gone ASAP since I don't use it, and it needs the over girth replaced. It can easily be taken off and you can put a new one on in seconds (or if your girth is big enough and can reach the nearest hole, it may not even need to be replaced). They're fairly cheep if you look around online. Idk where all the pics went that I had on my computer, but here is an old thread I started that has photos.
I agree - if you're buying a Kimberly go with new! They're very affordable and they'll custom fit it to a wither tracing from your horse if you order from DownUnder. So much more worth it. No sense in paying a tiny bit less to get one that hopefully fits your horse! :)
there are a few on clearance at down under, Clearance Aussie Horse Saddles | Kimberley Series I helped my mom buy her Australian saddle from them and their customer service is excellent, and they will custom fit clearance saddles to your horse as well.
Sent you a pm. Think I might have found a replacement.
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