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Hello! I am in desperate need of a new dressage saddle, as mine is no longer fitting my DWB/TB mare. Here's some things I'm looking for:

18" or larger seat (I'm 5'11 and need legroom!)
Medium tree
if possible, long flaps
Anything EXCEPT a Neidersuss, B&B, older style Ablions (newer styles are OK)...Pretty much I'm looking for a saddle that will last in terms of seat/tree breaking down. Recommendations and suggestions welcome! Thanks!

ALSO, I will be selling my almost new M.Toulouse Aachen Dressage saddle. It's 18", Medium tree, super soft and comfortable. Almost no wear and tear (it's about a year old) I paid $1100 for it, but I'm looking to get around $700 (I just need a new saddle!!)

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