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i know this is random but i really really want to find a fountain pen for my boyfriend for christmas...the prices on ebay for decent ones are already starting to get rediculous (and i don't have $ to spend anyway lol)

i don't know anything about fountain pens but i know he likes Pelikan brand
lol but if you guys have anything laying around please let me know!!!
at the moment i can only trade (no spare $), but if you only want to sell it let me know anyway; i want to see what people have!

must be an actual fountain pen
must be in working order
must be in good condition (no cracks or major chipping)
a good brand/high quality
doesn't need to include ink

i can trade:
updated list of items for sale!! turnout 80/82, bridles, half pad, & more! PICS ADDED

i really REALLY want to get him a nice one and I WILL TRADE MORE OF MY STUFF THAN A PEN IS WORTH!! if you want to trade, i am VERY negotiable! i don't really care how much of my stuff i have to trade for one pen, but i will do it!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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