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Max and Titan, 14 and 13 draft cross chestnut geldings
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After a year of searching, I'm hoping someone will help me find my dream horse.
I'm a middle-aged rider, basically still beginner though have taken lessons for about 2 years. I'm working with a trainer on eventing, with the hope of doing some very basic, entry-level shows in the future just for fun. Mostly, I want a horse I can learn good technique on during lessons and take for trail rides on my own, and that will last me for at least a decade.
Age ideally in early teens, though will go younger for a mature calm horse
Size between 14 and 16.5 hands
More whoa than go, but still responsive
Safe horse - nearly bombproof. Okay to twitch but not to buck when spooked. I can't afford to get injured.
Healthy with no limiting injuries
Mares or geldings
Blacks, bays, chestnuts
More cuddly than stand-offish, but can be cheeky
Not too plump - I'm 5'4" with short legs
Prior experience in at least one of the eventing disciplines
Able to jump to 3'
In or near Virginia
Budget - I'd like to stick under $25,000.

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I highly recommend searching here:
Just to see what might pop up, I entered all of your needs and a few of your wants, and I ended up with about 11 ads, 3 of which looked like fit your bill. Hopefully this helps!
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