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Hi, I'm fifteen and have been dreaming about getting a horse since forever! But..I'm not ready yet (and there's the whole "horses are uber expensive" thing). So for the next year I plan on being solely focused on improving my riding skills and gaining confidence untill I'm sixteen and can get a job so I can earn money to make a dent in the boarding/vet/farrier/sale price/lesson/food/tack/gas price (plus I think my grandparents will help).
Anyway! Here's where you come in!
1. What horse breed would be good for a first-timer? I was looking at Haflinger Horses (I LOVE them!)
2. What age would be good? I was thinking between 6 (minimum, and would need to be calm, well-trainined, and mature) and 14 (but would need to be in decent health)
3. What would the price be around? I want to spend no more than $5,000 but would like to stay around $3,000.
4. Any tips?
Here is some info about me and my riding.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 150-160
Age: 15
Riding level: Beginner-Intermediate
Riding Style: English (low level Dressage, maybe some light jumping in the future, trails every once in a while)
I also have some questions.
How often would I have to excersise (sp?) my horse (at least)? (In terms of how many times a week. The barn in half an hour away. That's not much to me but gas is pretty high and my Dad hates to travel there alot. I was thinking 3-4 times a week.
What height of horse would I need? I do have pretty long legs.
Does anyone know what the average price of board is in New York state?
Thanks for all the help! Sorry to make it so long!:hug:p.S Please tell me if I'm missing anything really important!
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