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The easiest solution to warm water outside is build yourself a platform, and put a couple of barrels on it. let the sun warm it for you. Here, that's an easy solution. Some friends of mine did it, and had plenty of warm water every day.
I always just used water out of my hose. My horses never seemed to mind it. In the summer, they enjoyed it.

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My barn is behind my house...
My hubby could run a hose from the big wash sink if I wanted, I don't want.

What I do do is take 2, 5 gallon black buckets filled with water placed in the sun...
Do my chores, ride...
But a few hours in the sun baking warms that water to tepid or hotter...
Then depending upon how warm I want, soap put in it or pour some off and cold water added...
I always start with clear, clean water for the face, brow and ears...then we add soap and make a bit of suds and let the fun begin...
I also use warm water on private areas as I think it not so shocking...if you've ever rinsed between hind legs and under the tail from a "cold" hose you know the instant tightening and drop of the pelvis that happens...

But honestly, no bathing in winter...I don't do that to my horses.....
In weather conditions that necessitate a bath needed...water from a hose that was laying in the sun to warm is usually enjoyable for the horse too...
Don't just run the water endlessly if you do a hose in the sun to warm...but you can carefully wet, then lather and rinse with a gentle steady stream and by the time the water runs cold the horse has also acclimated to that temperature and is enjoying it.
Just as with a human baby, always, always check the temperature of the water before spraying it on the horse, can burn them!!
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I don't have warm water to my barn yet, however, I do have a warm water spigot on the outside of my house. You wouldn't believe how much more I clean because I have the option of warm/hot water! (like chicken baths!) And how quickly dirt and grime comes off with hot water.

As to bathing, yes, the horses much prefer warm water. The water well I have is very old and very deep. The water comes out like ice! Absolutely freezing!

And I can just imagine how much easier it would be to melt ice out of buckets with hot water instead of busting it out in winter...ah, what a luxury!

So, is it a necessity to have warm water in your barn? No. But it is a very welcome amenity if you can swing it. 馃
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Did anyone mention those sunshowers you can use to heat water? They are a bit cumbersome and need an optimal height position to be useful, but they could do the trick. You'd likely need two. A roof to place them on, and some help to get that bag of water over your head, lol.
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