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Was Justin Morgan Canadian?

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I read a book recently in which the author speculated that Justin Morgan might have been a Canadian horse. It makes sense. Canadians were widespread around 200 years ago. Both breeds are known for their strength and versatility despite their small size. Canadians can only be black, bay, brown or chestnut which was originally true for Morgans as well. Some Morgans are gaited and Canadians also have the Narragansett pacer in their background.

I also found this:

There is also some thought that Figure was himself a Canadian. Justin Morgan (the man) resided in Vermont, in an area near Quebec. His parents resided in Quebec, so Justin Morgan visited them there frequently. It is not unfeasible that he may have brought a horse back with him on one of his visits. A study on DNA done at the University of Guelph in 1998 called "DNA DETECTIVES -Using Genetics to Pinpoint Endangered Canadian Horse Breeds" (unfortunately this article is no longer available "on-line") and "The French Connection" indicates that the Canadian and Morgan were the most closely related of the horse breeds studied.
What do you think?
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Well, I haven't heard that one before, but no one knows for sure what figure technically was.
Though it could be he was a Canadian. Since they can range from 14-16 hh, and figure was known to be a small horse but can pull a huge load.

I've heard his dam was arab, but that's just another guess.
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