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wash in winter and tail bandages

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I have two Questions 1,should or could i leave a tail bandage in overnight if the horse was in a stall and it was wrapped loosely?

2.I need to wash my horse but it's winter and shes not rugged and we don't have warm water but the coldest temp is only 5 Celsius but she is real shaggy and has matted hair on her chest and the girth area what should I do about that?
I'll show a pic too if that helps.
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5 degree celcius is still pretty cold (im in NZ so our temps are similar)

If you have to wash then take towels and keep her covered till dry

I would wash in sections - then towel dry and leave dry towels/blanket over her till she had dried,..... Just try keep her warm

I wash my girl in winter (If she sweats up) but I use warm water and towel dry her (In sections again keeping her covered as possible in btween)then cover her with a wool sheet till she drys and then I put her synthetic cover on to turn out

Not sure on the tail bandage question.... You can leave tail bags on though....
As long as your horse isn't bothered by the tail bandage, it's fine to leave overnight. The only problem I've ever had with it was with a horse that chewed it off and proudly displayed it all over his stall.

I agree with Jody about the washing. Is there any hot water in the bathroom or something? If not, just make sure she's dry and warm after. You don't want her to catch a chill.
I could get warm water from the landry
I would still cover the horse and wash in parts, but the warm water helps the horse not catch a chill
I would try to use warm water if at all possible. Also, do it quickly and then layer a few coolers on her to keep her warm until she is dry (while towel drying just fold sections back). I would not leave a tail bandage on over night. It can slip, or get rubbed or knocked off and could get tangled around her legs. Hope this helps! Good luck!
choose a sunny day (I know there isn't many in winter) and wash her once the morning chill has disappeared (usually around midday but sometimes as late as 2 or 3 pm) but still has acouple of hours of light to dry in the afternoon. Also what the others said, towel dry her as much as possible.
you could use show sheen to sprak on the matted bits and brush it out?

If you must wash wait for a sunny day and just do it quickly
Sweat scrape then put 2 or 3 rugs on her quickly give her a dry with towels
then leave the rugs on and walk her out for about 5mins then towel agian then walk agian to keep her warm.
Repeat untill dry.

I would probably suggest clipping her if shes going to be in much work and at risk of getting matted hair agian.

as for tail bandage big no no!
seen a horses tail turn white(not cute on a bay!) from the pressure of tail bandages.
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Thanks for all your help.

I washed her but didn't stick the bandages on and she looked amazing we went so well in the showjumping and rider class,
thanks again

ohh how did your show go and have you posted any pics?
great show jumping went great and I won a place in rider class
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