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wash in winter and tail bandages

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I have two Questions 1,should or could i leave a tail bandage in overnight if the horse was in a stall and it was wrapped loosely?

2.I need to wash my horse but it's winter and shes not rugged and we don't have warm water but the coldest temp is only 5 Celsius but she is real shaggy and has matted hair on her chest and the girth area what should I do about that?
I'll show a pic too if that helps.
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5 degree celcius is still pretty cold (im in NZ so our temps are similar)

If you have to wash then take towels and keep her covered till dry

I would wash in sections - then towel dry and leave dry towels/blanket over her till she had dried,..... Just try keep her warm

I wash my girl in winter (If she sweats up) but I use warm water and towel dry her (In sections again keeping her covered as possible in btween)then cover her with a wool sheet till she drys and then I put her synthetic cover on to turn out

Not sure on the tail bandage question.... You can leave tail bags on though....
ohh how did your show go and have you posted any pics?
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