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Elle, 1997 Oldenburg mare
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Today was moving day for Elle!!! I was/am beyond excited.

The new place has...
A beautiful indoor riding arena
Clean, clear, well maintained aisles
Paths for hacking
Roads where I can take Elle for walks
A wash stall
A complete feed program
Sand outdoor riding ring
A nice sense of professionalism
Big stalls with soft mats
Heated tack room, lounge, laundry facilities, and bathroom

As far as the move goes... Elle loaded easily, first try! Despite not having been trailered for two and a half years. I could hardly walk fast enough for her, leading her on. She called a few times, once she was on the trailer -- even though it hadn't budged yet. But she settled in fine once things got rolling.

The drive was about an hour from one barn to the other (though thankfully, as I live somewhere in the middle, it won't be as far as that from my house). I followed behind the trailer the whole way. I normally listen to podcasts or music when I drive any distance, but I was too excited and just drove in silence, with my thoughts all over the place and butterflies in my stomach.

Elle unloaded without any fuss. Neighed a few times, then marched confidently into the barn, past all the curious noses in the aisle, and straight into her new stall. It's roomy, has -- it bears repeating a thousand times -- BEDDING in it, a nice window with a view, automatic waterer -- and the hay ready for her was nice quality and she went right for it! She settled in instantly like she had always lived there.

Behold! New stall!! Roomy! With BEDDING!

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I brought in her fly stuff, supplements and meds, and a bunch of my tack, and chatted a bit with a young student who boards there. Everyone seems really nice, and I can't get over how CLEAN and organized it all is! What a breath of fresh air, after months of increasing clutter and mess in the arena and aisle at the now-former barn. It was getting so bad, I was having trouble just functioning there. And Elle was getting sores on her elbow and hock from the lack of bedding. :cry:

It's going to cost me more for the first month or two, before I secure a part boarder, but after that, I'll actually be ahead financially and in a much nicer facility!!! What a maaaajor relief. Whew!!

Elle, 1997 Oldenburg mare
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I'll have more pics soon! Tonight, if the projected thunderstorm holds off, I'll go out there and take her for a walk and explore the property some more. Either way, I'll be out there to groom her and give her treats.

Last night she was kind of hilarious. She was WAAAAY too focused on her hay and her dinner to even care that I was there trying to "comfort" her, hahahaha. Poor stressed out baby. NOT. 馃檮 Pretty ideal settling-in though! I did do a full detangle and brushing out of her tail, though, while she was so focused.

A few more pics for now...

End stall, right by the open doors, so lots of sunlight and fresh air. That's Elle eating on the left. She gets dinner with a view!

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Gorgeous indoor arena with a REAL roof (instead of a terrifying coverall), three times the size of what we had before. Sand and fibre footing, oiled to keep the dust down, and well maintained. Not full of clutter!!

Floor Flooring Tints and shades Composite material Ceiling

Clean bright aisles with no detritus! Always swept and organized. Elle is the last stall on the left.

Tire Road surface Building Bicycle Wheel

And the barn manager texted me this morning to let me know Elle had a good night, ate her food, was perfect at turnout, and is being a good girl out in her field. 馃槏 I'm curious to know who her pasture buddies are!

Elle, 1997 Oldenburg mare
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Ok I'm back to crying, this time out of jealousy 馃槄 No, really, it's about time for you two. It looks really homey there! Was there a waiting list? I haven't been able to catch up properly, how did you come by this one?
Incredibly, no waiting list. I think because they have back-up stalls for their resident horses. There's a second barn, plus there are arena stalls, that are only ever used when there's overflow.

I was aware of this place but had never really looked into it because I had the impression it was much farther away than it actually is. Plus I鈥檓 always afraid to rock the boat, and have this feeling like things are supposed to be difficult and I should always have to lump it. I was chatting with a friend who used to work at a different barn in the area, though, and she said this place would be her top pick to board at if she didn鈥檛 live so far from it. (We live in different towns.)

Between that recommendation, and the fact that things were getting just unreal at the now-former place (no bedding, hazards all over the property, the tiny-to-begin-with indoor being used for car repair/woodworking/camping??, a BED suddenly appearing in the cross tie area, etc), and the fact that even if I might be willing to "lump it," my saintly horse shouldn't have to.

The board where I was was, in Canadian, $640 a month. I was having to add to her feed program, out of pocket, because the vitamin/mineral balancer they were supposed to be getting -- that was when they got it -- wasn't very good. I was also having to pay around $200 a month for shoes on Elle, when she doesn't normally need them on soft footing. (It was fine gravel where we boarded, so it tore up her feet.) The board now is $680 a month plus HST, which comes to something like $768. I had a part boarder paying $320 a month for three rides a week at the previous place, but over all Elle was still costing me about $650 a month anyhow, even after that contribution, with the shoeing and extras. Now she won't need the shoeing or so many extras. So once I find a part boarder, which hopefully won't take long on such a good girl as Elle, I'll actually be financially ahead AND have a beautiful place to ride at, too!!!

Elle, 1997 Oldenburg mare
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Went out to see her last night and took her for a little walk. She was totally calm in the barn, then a little looky and nervous outside on our walk -- but I think mainly because all the other horses were inside for the night! Lunged her a little to burn off any "nervous energy" and she was so not-fussed that her nose was covered in dust, after, from how relaxed and low her head was. After that, we hung out and did some lawn mowing. Please note the total lack of car parts, rolls of wire fencing, broken down washing machines, boards with nails poking out of them, piles of bricks, loops of twine coming out of the ground, cat kennels, disassembled beehives, and other "decor."

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Safe to say the old girl is settling in nicely. I probably could have ridden her, but there's no rush and I want her first ride there to be as low-anxiety as possible for both of us. Will probably ride her Wednesday.

Look at this face. Clearly the face of a horse having a COMPLETE MELTDOWN at her horrifying change in circumstances. o_O ;)

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