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Elle, 1997 Oldenburg mare
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Went out to see her last night and took her for a little walk. She was totally calm in the barn, then a little looky and nervous outside on our walk -- but I think mainly because all the other horses were inside for the night! Lunged her a little to burn off any "nervous energy" and she was so not-fussed that her nose was covered in dust, after, from how relaxed and low her head was. After that, we hung out and did some lawn mowing. Please note the total lack of car parts, rolls of wire fencing, broken down washing machines, boards with nails poking out of them, piles of bricks, loops of twine coming out of the ground, cat kennels, disassembled beehives, and other "decor."

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Safe to say the old girl is settling in nicely. I probably could have ridden her, but there's no rush and I want her first ride there to be as low-anxiety as possible for both of us. Will probably ride her Wednesday.

Look at this face. Clearly the face of a horse having a COMPLETE MELTDOWN at her horrifying change in circumstances. o_O ;)

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That is an 鈥漚hhhhh!鈥 Look if ever I saw one馃槏

If Elle has any anxiety, it鈥檚 probably from hoping she never has to leave her new hone馃拹馃拹
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