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Welsh Pony For Sale.

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Hey, ya'll, I've got an awesome pony for sale here.

His name is Zippy. He's a handsome eight-year-old gray welsh pony (section C) gelding. My boss recently gained ownership from the last owners, who hadn't paid boarding for him. He stands about 13hh and is built like a tank. I believe he would be classified as a section C because built stronger and heavier than the sections A or B. (I do not ride ponies and I only show English in AQHA and AOHA competitions, so you may see some terms that are western in this post.)

Now, he is out of shape, but he's been sitting out in the pasture for a year because his old owners never came out to see him. We just brought him up in the past two months, and he's already making progress in his training. I was told that in the past he's had training in pony hunter/jumper classes. He has been trained to jump up to three feet, but since he's not been worked in a while, we're going to exercise him and start him off at one foot.

When he's in shape, he is an extremely handsome pony. Gorgeous head - I've seen some good looking geldings in my day, but he is definitely one of the best. He's got a nice shoulder on him and a great hind end - very powerful, he moves himself by it nicely rather than on the front end. He has a cream-colored mane, and he is gray. Black skin, but light hair - darker gray flecks on him, and darker dapples in the summer. You can see them best when you're handling him.

He does sidepass and halfpass. He also pivots ("turn on the haunches") and turns on the forehand. He backs well and can extend his trot nicely. He sets his head as well - when he's just hanging out, it's lower, but he can arch it into your typical pony hunter headset. However, all of his riding needs to be worked back into shape, as it has been more than a year since he's been ridden regularly.

Honestly, if I were small enough and young enough to ride ponies on my circuit, he'd be my first choice for english. He does, however, ride western and bareback as well. He would do best with a job, such as jumping or dressage, but I could see him as a leadline pony or even a walk-trot pony at your open shows. He could be suitable for lessons in the future, but right now, he needs a patient and experienced hand.

Zippy has had quite a past with crops and whips. He WILL buck if you swat him too much with the crop/dressage whip. He works best off seat and leg, but you can also get in his mouth without protest. He free lunges and lunges on a line, and I have free jumped him before. He crossties well, but if you leave him, he will paw and try to get your attention, (he really does love people). Stands for the farrier well and stands for clipping. He has had issues with trailering in the past, but I worked with him just yesterday and he was on the trailer within five minutes. I loaded him and unloaded him three times and never had a problem.

When I say he's an easy keeper, I mean it. He was out on pasture for a year and didn't lose a pound, (he probably gained some). We're now keeping him on a regular feed schedule along with my two mares. He gets a half scoop of 10% sweet feed and two flakes of hay in the morning.

Zippy is a very, very sweet pony, and he will be great for a little boy or girl in the future - but right now he needs time and patience. He is NOT a pony you can rough handle and pull on. He requires someone who will give him exact instructions, not someone who will let him do his own thing for a while and try to pick up months later.

We've taken him on trail rides, doubled on him, taken him through water, and we've not had a single problem with him when he's handled correctly. He really is an awesome pony, and I love him to death.

He will be furthering his training until he is sold. I'm hoping to break him to a cart. If you're looking for a pony for your child, I would encourage adult supervision when riding and working. He's not hard to halter, blanket, wash, brush, pick feet, or lead, but he will act up when he's being worked or ridden if he's not handled properly.

I'm not going to lie - he does have his quirks. Having said this, I would like to add that he is a great pony and will be even more enjoyable and friendly once he's back in shape and ready to show (or trail ride?).

Please email me at [email protected] or PM me for price and details. I will answer questions to the best of my knowledge, and I can talk to Mr. Chad about scheduling a time for you to come out and see him if you're interested.

Zippy is not just a pony to me - he's my friend. I would like to see him go to a nice home.

Zippy is for sale here at the Happy Apple Stables, which is about a twenty minute drive from Huntsville, Alabama. I am posting him for sale for my boss, Chad Rundlett. We do offer boarding, training, and lessons here at the barn, and I am available for private lessons to anyone interested.

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Man, if I were on the market for a horse I'd totally check him out! Sounds awsome!
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