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What Breed?

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I know this question is asked alot.
But I wanted to see what yall think he is.
My bff just rescued two geldings One a ottb and the other well not sure what he is.
Sorry the pictures are not the best.

Hes the one in the blue.
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He looks Qurab to me. Super cute face =D
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I agree with Grey Ray Quarter Horse Arab
I love his head
I don't see Arab in him.

The white going under his lip and the excessive blaze as well as the stocking on his hind right leg, makes me think Paint, with Quarter Horse blood.
I see Quarter horse. Maybe a Paint even
I'd say he's probably got so Arab too, judging from that short, flat croup. He's a cutie though! I love the expression on his face in that last picture xD
I'm thinking Paint, and maybe some Arab/QH.
i think he has arab in him just the way his tail is set and the look of his face
Thank you guys. :) I was thinking maybe QH/paint myself but I dont know lol.
He deff. has a personality, he thinks hes a sexy beast lol.
I agree with everyone else quarter horse maybe with paint and arab.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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