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What discipline are me and him suited forr??? HELP! pic heavyy!

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okay. so i was doing english pleasure....BORING. its just not for offense to anyone else. i have a 3 year old. i trained him so he has the basics. walk-trot-canter-halting-backing-pivots.
well i wanna switch disciplines. but idk what too. something with a thrill. and an english discipline. but i want to do something that he is suited for. because i would never give him up. i do love to jump. and he is an upcoming 4 year old (june). but idk. i cant decide. i jump around ideas of different disciplines. i need helpp!! he is calm, athletic, buit pretty well,he needs something simulating he gets really bored just hacking around a arena. so what do u think me and him(mostly him) are suited for??
knock yourselves outt:)
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Can not see the videos.

He is a cute boy. Please wait to start jumping him. He has pretty fine looking legs and longish (not horribly long but some what long) fine pasterns so best not to put too much strain on him.

If he gets bored easily with the ring work why not take it out onto trails?
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