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What Do You Run Out of The Most or Buy The Most Often For Your Horse?

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Ok my horse friends, I am trying to put together an article for my blog and was hoping some of you could help me by answering these couple of questions.

1) What are some of the things that you buy for your horse every month, every other month, or even every few months?

2) What are some of the horse supplies that you find yourself running out of the most?

Now for the fun question! :)

3) If you had an unlimited supply of money, what would you buy for your horse at least once a month besides his normal care items like shoes, trims, vet, shots, and such. Things that your horse doesn't need to have but the things that you know he/she likes or would like?

4) What are the top 5 things that you buy the MOST for your horse or for youself as a rider?
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Well, beyond food :wink:

1)Liniment, banding elastics, hair conditioners, and I misplace combs and hoof picks quite a bit.
2) FLY SPRAY. Always low, and that stuff's expensive! Vet wrap is another.
3) Probably coat supplements. Flax seed, Omega Horseshine, etc. My horses are pretty happy eating hay and plunking around, I'm not sure. Lots of high-quality tack that I can't afford now.
4) Saddle soap, fly spray, vet wrap, antibiotic ointment, treats!
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