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What do you think of the horses from Davis ranch?

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I need (want) to get another yearling to bring along. I'm looking seriously at getting one of these yearlings they have posted. Are there any of the horse colts that jump out at you?



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Not meaning to be rude but does it seem weird that both people posted within at least 2-5 minutes back and forth from each other?

The horses there are nice looking and well built but with the economy the way it is, prices are not good at all, IMO. The first one pictured is beautiful! But not worth $1500 ;)
$12,000 for a young horse? you could get a fresian for that price or a really nice warmblood...sorry no young foal is worth that much in my mind...especially the way the economy is
That is fine and dandy if you want a Friesian or a Warmblood. If you are looking for something like this then the price might make sense to you.

Just because they are not what you want does not mean they are not worth anything.
Never said they are not worth anything just don't think that they are worth that much money...some seem ok priced and some I would love to get if my fiance had more room, but I would not buy any horse, especially not one that young for $12,000
I have a gelding coming seven that I bought from them, he's got the same type of mind you were talking about. This is the only one I've had from them but I sure like him, thats why I want another.

Horses are no different than anything else. you get what you pay for. I've been "lucky" to have some really great horses. The reason my horses are better than the next guys horses is that I don't mind paying top dollar for a well bred horse.
Having worked in retail I know that "you get what you pay" is not necessaily true. when purchasing something like dog food (my fiance used to work for Petco) and price-wise Iams, Euk., and Science Diet were one of the most expensive with Blue Buffalo and Wellness being a tiny bit more expensive, but not by much. Iams, Euk., and Science Diet are crap foods (IMO) and you are paying not only for the nasty ingredients in them, but you are paying for commercials...where as for Blue Buffalo and Wellness their ingredients are AWESOME (no by-products, artificial perservatives or scary things) and you are paying close to the same price. So no, you don't always get what you pay for ;)
Savvyhearts is right. You should go to the auction and buy a colt for $200 and then spend $4000 training it and hope it has the drive for cutting or reined cowhorse. If it doesn't then you're only out $200 right?
Funny cause that $12,000 foal isn't fully trained if trained at all, so that's $4000 on top of it. And just because it's bred for cutting or reining does not mean it has the "drive" it means it has the ability to, and a structure that will be able to do it easily.
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