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What do you think of the horses from Davis ranch?

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I need (want) to get another yearling to bring along. I'm looking seriously at getting one of these yearlings they have posted. Are there any of the horse colts that jump out at you?



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They're known in these parts to have good horses. There's just too many to choose from, thats the problem.
I've seen that palomino, he has a cute head. They have buckskin colt listed that looks even better, the picture is not very good but in person he is to die for.
I have a horse I bought from them as a two year old and he is a very very nice horse. Thier horses have great minds and are very trainable and athletic. You can get cheaper horses but they will be well... cheaper. The Davis's are very nice people as well. What you see is what you get. You would do well with any of thier yearlings but I like the Blue Spark Olena horses.
I have a gelding coming seven that I bought from them, he's got the same type of mind you were talking about. This is the only one I've had from them but I sure like him, thats why I want another.

Horses are no different than anything else. you get what you pay for. I've been "lucky" to have some really great horses. The reason my horses are better than the next guys horses is that I don't mind paying top dollar for a well bred horse.
Oh, my, goodness. If I wasn't pregnant right now I would totally be calling them up and flying out to see this guy. I'm not even a paint person (and I show Buckskin circuit) but his color is AMAZING.
Yea, but he has a blue eye :shock: Those blue eyed horses freak me out. :wink:
How well doyou think a Freisian would do in NCHA competition?

That's what people say about my step-dad's cremello stallion. He's a sweet boy though.
Yes, but cremellos are awesome. They are the exception to the blue eyed rule. :)
wow those are nice horses. I would so get one but i lack the money and they are to far away, dam it. Good luck! Let us know which one you get.

The blue 2 year old mare I just bought out of Nebraska was delivered today, I wont buy a yearling until after xmas, but its sure fun to look.

The palomino, that you guys are looking at is a nice thick made horse, I saw that one in person and looked it over close.
I wish somebody who knows how would post the picture of that 08 buckskin colt they have posted. His name was "advantage" something. That horse is a grandson of Hollywood Dun It. The buckskins picture does not do him justice, I wish they would put up another.
Yep, thats the one Smrobs, thanks. My computer skills are still lacking. :)
Having worked in retail I know that "you get what you pay" is not necessaily true. when purchasing something like dog food (my fiance used to work for Petco) and price-wise Iams, Euk., and Science Diet were one of the most expensive with Blue Buffalo and Wellness being a tiny bit more expensive, but not by much. Iams, Euk., and Science Diet are crap foods (IMO) and you are paying not only for the nasty ingredients in them, but you are paying for commercials...where as for Blue Buffalo and Wellness their ingredients are AWESOME (no by-products, artificial perservatives or scary things) and you are paying close to the same price. So no, you don't always get what you pay for ;)
I stand corrected.
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