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What do you think about this English saddle? Right now I ride with an Aussie saddle that has a horn, and I love it for the trails but I really want an English saddle for light riding around my house and the barn. Does this saddle look like decent quality forbwhat I would use it for? I don’t know a whole lot, but it was used lightly for a women my size and height, and they say it’s comfy.

Thank you 🙂


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I wish the pictures were clearer seen, brighter and a few more of the saddle flap, stirrup bar and the saddle tipped on its nose.
I would be very hesitant to use it on my horse...
First off do you know how to check for tree integrity?
Its important as in critical the tree is safe for your horses back, no crack or breaks in it.

The front looks very, very wide to it spread.
The knee rolls don't seem to match in puffiness..
The panels in the cantle area have uneven stitching, seen in cheaper quality saddles.
When I look at that same picture I think the saddle is wracked, a twisted tree possibly because looking carefully at the saddle design, it is uneven and un-level.
I also see a difference in appearance of "stuffing" and that = comfort for horse and ride-ability of the saddle for the rider.
I would also want to know what the mark is on the flap near the stirrup leather...
What makes me more nervous is the fact the saddle skirt has the appearance of a well used saddle yet there is no marking/wear seen of the saddle flaps being abraded by a stirrup leather...that bothers me, a lot.
Suede knee-rolls and no shiny to them from use... :think:

I would pass on it.
Saddles appearing like this one by me would be $50 or so and plentiful.
Hands on checking it might change my mind, but unless it was hands on no way no how a $1 spent from me.
Sorry, I'm picky with tack, especially tack in used condition you have no way of knowing the history of use but from appearances.
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