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What do you want/not want in a bridle?

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Hey everyone! I'm looking into selling handmade leather english and barcoo bridles and just wondering what you like or don't like to see in a bridle, or just leather tack in general.
Thanks for your replies!
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I like a nice simple rolled bridle with matching reins. I also had to look up 'Barcoo' bridle, never heard of it. It's way too heavy looking for me, but it also looks like it's meant to be working tack.

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Interesting. I don't like this one at all. I feel like that thin leather would cause pressure points, and TBH I don't really like it esthetically either.
That one isn't a very nice one, just a cheapy that I pulled for the picture. A really nice rolled bridle is very elegant and they don't fit tightly, so no pressure points at all. Here's a nicer one. A lot nore expensive too. I also picked the first one because it was just a snaffle bridle rather than a double.

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