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What do you want/not want in a bridle?

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Hey everyone! I'm looking into selling handmade leather english and barcoo bridles and just wondering what you like or don't like to see in a bridle, or just leather tack in general.
Thanks for your replies!
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I must be really boring!

I like a plain traditional bridle, that fits well, in good, black leather.

A shape and thickness that helps to balance a larger, common head or doesn't overpower a smaller, finer head.

I really don't like the shape of anatomical bridles and I've yet to be persuaded that they're any better that a properly fitted bridle if there isn't a known issue such as sensitivity over the poll.

Nosebands and browbands can be changed, or lower parts of the flash removed so that wouldn't worry me.

I prefer a flat cavesson over rolled. I've bought, and inherited different nosebands - cavessons, drops and grackles - some with fancy embellishments, and they're rarely, if ever, used. Generally, I'm not a fan of the huge working hunter, 2" cavesson nosebands they can look overpowering on the wrong head.

I like a plain, plaited leather browband or one in muted colours, rather than the hanging/curved versions.

I've always used the same type of reins - plain, plaited, webbed or rubber.
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