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What do you want/not want in a bridle?

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Hey everyone! I'm looking into selling handmade leather english and barcoo bridles and just wondering what you like or don't like to see in a bridle, or just leather tack in general.
Thanks for your replies!
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I personally like halter/bridle combos... Works best for our riding (trail). The one I've been using was bought used and is leather. It's held up great for 10+ years of use by us. There's no labeling/brand on it, but I think it might be Amish made as that was something the person I bought it from tended to gravitate to for their leather horse stuff.

I agree with ACINATX in that buying reins separately might be the way to go. I've always changed reins on all bridles I've used. I'm very particular in how they feel in my hands as well as how they attach.
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