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What do you want/not want in a bridle?

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Hey everyone! I'm looking into selling handmade leather english and barcoo bridles and just wondering what you like or don't like to see in a bridle, or just leather tack in general.
Thanks for your replies!
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Good leather is paramount in what I want....keep the cheap junk elsewhere, leather strap goods is not where you cheap on quality.
Rubbed edges and a patina showing craftsmanship the leather glows not from cheap quality but burnishes that look of quality tanning and finishing took place.

I prefer square raised, half-round brow and caveson with and without contrast stitching to me just looks dirty and uncared for {yes I have 1 hence my comment about appearance but a gift is a gift.}
A plain flat brow and caveson can be very complimentary when not overwhelming a again width choices..
Not a fan of truly braided/plaited for the amount of dirt they hold, special, special care to clean and how those tiny straps so easily break...
Round, as in really round appearing bridle except on particular horse head is not complimentary, jmo.
Browbands with small amount of garnishing, tastefully done with stones, fine chain is/can be head enhancing...keep the gaudy heavier stuff away from me. Not allowed in some show rings without acquiring point demerits though.

What I wish was more readily available...
in several length choices. I hate seeing a bridle to tight across the ears and poll area.
Caveson also needs to have sizing choices so your half-round/square not stop so far under the cheekbone but brought more to the cheek pieces...
Bridle strap-keepers....the ones fixed usually just below the buckles are truly caught and stitched well so they not pull loose and "flap"...
Several extra loose keepers so when you clean and mis-place you can still have a slip-keeper that matches the bridle...maybe just 2 extra that match that bridles patina.
One of those pet-peeves of mine is loose straps ends flapping on any bridle.
Keeping this affordable is also a needed so many more can enjoy. I do not consider $250 and up affordable, nor of the quality those prices should be dictating.... Now when you hit the $400 - $500 hundred level it better be top-notch in appearance and quality....called truly custom strap work.

Find a way to design a flash bridle to not so easily display that loop needed for the flash strap...take the flash off and its like a giant zit gathering attention to me....ugly!
In a show-ring where flash is not permitted, it is such a deterrent to me if I was judging I would score lower knowing the use of it is done and that HUS/Equitation animal should not be seen with it on his bridle.
There is a time and place for equipment used....and a time & place where it should not..and then should not be "hey I'm here seen"....:cautious:

Find a good advertising agency for marketing your prospective offerings cause much of what is seen today that is the "have to have" just a well-fit bridle someone with advertising/marketing skills is proclaiming so much better than is a bunch of 馃挬 ....
A well fitting bridle offers all of what those marketing geniuses spout about...its called marketing and promotion paying names to be seen using...those names also get freebie products, they rarely purchase as "normal" equestrians do.
A ill-fit bridle is what has many spending $$ trying to figure out that if they just bought a bridle that truly fit the head first, they could of saved a lot of $$$$$...

Just some of my thoughts...
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Just wondering - what would you need the flash for? I think they're meant to be purely for looks.
A gentle reminder to close the mouth is one.
A preventer of the horse crossing its jaw, riding gaped mouthed, tongue over bit to easily, and said it can help prevent a horse grabbing the bit and taking off on their merry want and way... it also helps to allow a horse to relax their jaw using the flash attachment.
It also adds stability to many bits they are lacking.

A flash correctly applied is not a constrictor of breathing or anything really.
It is a just snug strap circling the nose & mouth but you better be able to fit 2 fingers easily under it or its not adjusted correctly.
It is a subtle reminder of training taken place...
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They don't even look good, imo. It's a bit harsh to say you'd take away points if you saw a bridle that had had one, though - maybe the person who owner the horse had liked the bridle, but not the flash, and so took it off when they got it and never used it! 馃榾
If the rules state no flash allowed, then its not allowed on being used or seen on their tack.
When judging a class of entries and riders are very similar in points, it is things like this that can move you up or down in placing.

I bought a bridle I loved with a flash....removed the flash and carefully cut the loop off.
Now its what I like and use as a caveson bridle.
It was that simple to make the alteration.;)
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Hmmm...ideally, I'd like good quality leather, possibly with good stitching. Wider leather preferred. But in reality, I don't think Bandit and I qualify for an opinion.
Of course you qualify for a opinion....
You are an equestrian...
You ride, you own, you purchase and have likes and dislikes regarding tack you would purchase...
That give you the right to voice a opinion, same as everyone else! (y)

No one said this is only for English riders and no where did I read "show-ring" from the OP...
OP is just interested to know what people would like and why....

Me think, nope I know you have needs and wants to see in tack just like the rest of us...
I'm glad you shared cause your specific contribution was not seen written like this nor with to me think is emphasis on everyday use and trail "sturdy" is different than show-ring & arena riding needs.;)
馃惔... jmo...
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