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Okay, so I finally have a little extra money, and I'm going to spend it on actually filling up Ice's first aid kit. I have a lot of the things I need already (listed below) but if anyone can think of something else, that would be great!

So far I have.....

-a flashlight
-vet wrap
-pocket scalpel
-hoof pick
-exam gloves
-ibprofen and asprin
-an instant cold pack (I think it got crushed/used though)
-cotton swabs
-medical towels
-wood applicators
-a small bottle of liniment
-non sterile gauze pads
-sterile gauze pads
-non sterile gauze wrap
-non adhesive gauze pads
-cotton roll
-alcohol wipes
-hand towlettes
-hydrogen peroxide
-iodine/povidine towelettes
-triple antibiotic cream packets
-various sizes of band aids
-antisceptic ointment

This all came in a pre-packaged thing, so this is what I have after a few injuries Ice has sustained. I plan on buying a bigger box, like a tackle box or something and I also am going to get a larger bottle of liniment, more gloves, a thermometer, eye wash and poultice. Anything else you guys can recommend?

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The items I have in my "vet box", all purchased seperately:

Hydrogen Peroxide
Betadine scrub
Triple Aintibiotic ointment
Sterile Saline solution
Cotton balls
Sterile gauze pads
"Ultra" maxi-pads (the thick kind)
Vet wrap
Duct Tape (needed for hoof problems)
Hoof Knife
Bute paste
Probios paste
syringes w/needles
BIG flushing syringes
Eclipse Wound Wash
Eclipse Wound Ointment (the BEST stuff on Earth!!)
Ace (in the fridge)
Banemine (in the fridge)

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Let's see what I can remember off the top of my head that's not already on one of the above lists:

-Wonder Dust
-Diapers (for hoof issues)
-Bandage scissors
-Standing wraps (2)
-Banamine paste
-Epsom salt poultice
-Empty dewormer tubes for giving oral meds
-Pill crusher

That's all I can think of now, gotta go to class..

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Diapers are a must. Horses have alot of blood and when it starts coming out it can come fast. A diaper is clean and very absorbant. You can stick one on and wrap some vet wrap around it and be good untill the vet comes.

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thermometer (did I miss this on another list?) The three most important things you can record and report when you need to call the vet are the temperature, pulse, and respiration rates. If you have a stethoscope it is good to learn how and where to listen to gut sounds. Tampons and maxi pads also work in the place of diapers.

Banamine doesn't need to be refridgerated and I wouldn't give Ace to a male horse due to penile paralysis issues.

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Another thing that you can use is , er, feminine products. They come in small packs, individually wrapped, so they stay clean when stored in the barn.

SWAT is something I use a lot.
Betadine, for certain.
Wound powder.
Vet wrap (at least 4 rolls...)
Duct tape (Comes in real handy for abscesses)
Epsom salts (Get a big bag, not the milk carton can use them as a soak for the horse or yourself!)
Tweezers (for splinters)
Magnifying glasses (reading glasses) are also handy.
Syringe without needle for squirting betadine into small areas.
X large needleless syringe for rinsing out big areas.
Dish cloths, or towels
Hoof pick (a GOOD one, not the cheapie ones)
Pocket knife
Flashlight or penlight
Baby wipes

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Banamine doesn't need to be refridgerated and I wouldn't give Ace to a male horse due to penile paralysis issues.
No, Banamine doesn't have to go in the fridge, but it should be kept from freezing and from temps above 80 degrees. If I left mine in my box, it would through both extremes within a year, and I don't usually use up a bottle before it expires.

Ace works just fine if you give it in the dosage recommended by your vet. I have never had any problems giving it to my boys.
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