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What have you found to be the most comfortable riding pants?

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So, for the past couple years I've been riding in cheap black fashion leggings. They're super flexible, non-restrictive, comfortable, and easy to launder. Because they were so inexpensive, I didn't really mind if they got ruined doing horse activities, but to my pleasant surprise they've lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. Sadly, all my pairs are now starting to develop holes I can't really repair, and it's time to replace them. But I've just learned that the place I bought them from went out of business! So, now I need to find something else to ride in and I'd love some suggestions on what ya'll have found to be the most comfortable type of riding pants.

I can ride in jeans, but I find them uncomfortable (for personal reasons), and I've tried looking for other fashion leggings but all I've found seem to come with some sort of "compression" around the waist. I absolutely HATE compression anything, which seems to be in everything nowadays. Last weekend I visited Dover Saddlery to see if I could find something there, and the amount of different English pants are astounding-breeches, tights, jodhpurs, leggings...I have no idea what I even tried on. They had a yoga-style waistband, went down to my ankles and had the sticky bits on the back of the legs, but they were so unbelievably uncomfortable I couldn't imagine riding in them! Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time and only tried on the one pair, but I'm willing to go back if there is something else I should try.

My barn is super casual and since I don't show no one really cares what I wear, but I'd still like to look presentable and now show up in sweatpants if I can help it. Any suggestions on where to start? I ride western, but again, no one really cares what anyone wears so long as it's appropriate to ride in.
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