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Hm, well we do pasture grazing in the summer, but I will pretend we don't so you can see what hay would cost all year round.

So one horse would approximately eat 273.75 bales a year (3/4 a bale a day).
We feed with slow feeders which allows a smaller mess and more intake or less wasted.
Hay prices here are about 3.50 so the
Hay Cost= $958.125
Dental Cost per yr = $65 (probably way cheaper than most areas)
Farrier Cost per yr = $360
We feed organic/unprocessed feed to the horses which is cheaper so:
Feed = $420 ("grain" plus minerals and salt)
So about $1805.
Mind you this does NOT include electricity, equipment and/or vet bills(shots)
We refrain from doing shots since we take a different perspective on health care.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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