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If you are fencing for Goats you need to get field fencing that has the smallest squares so they cant their head threw and get hung-up, there's the Red Brand Sheep & Goat fencing and the no climb fencing. Its safer for the goats and horses, the cattle & Hog panels with t-post I DON"T like using for horses, its just an accident wanting to happen, the goats will climb on the cattle/hog panels to reach tree limbs or anything hanging over the panels and with all the rubbing goats do on the hog/cattle panels will cause them to lean out and the t-posts will bend, they will do that to any fencing goats are just really hard on any type of fences and just make a mess of them, so the best thing to do would run hot wire/poly rope on the inside goat height so they will stay off the fencing. And since you said that bears could be a problem I would run hot wire along the top of the fencing also, it might help to keep bears away, Just saying it might help with bears, I dont have bears so really dont know but the zap can really get the attention of anything that hits it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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