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what is this on horses leg??

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please look at the photo! i don't know what this is it is on my horses fetlock area, she's never had this before. it is squishy and rubbery. could it be an ergot perhaps?


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They're more common in drafts and draft crosses than in other breed
I use a pair of garden secateurs to cut them off - much less risk of causing damage to the flesh than twisting and pulling at them as they are 'attached'
Yes, Ergots are on all horses.

I have only had one horse that I have to keep them cut and it's only the ones on his back legs. He is a Tennessee Walker and is still with me.

@jaydee what IS that garden tool do you use, lollol. I use the hoof nippers all the time, if there is something safer and faster, I'm all for it:pinkunicorn:
Something like this in this link - sorry I'm too idle to go out to the barn to photograph them!!
Gardena Classic Vine Bypass Pruner - Page 1 ?
Only our clyde X and the Irish draft grow them
I used to use hoof nippers but the garden pruners are shorter so easier to use in that area
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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