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What would ur horse be if they were in high school

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Post a pic of your horse and write next to the pic what you think you horse would be in high school i.e
The pretty bloude
The nerds
The sporty further on and more funny lol
Here are mine
First up Angel the sexy bay school girl smartish but gorgeous
then Crystal the pretty blonde who will walk past the boys give them a wink and while she's doing that she walks into a post and bang lol
Gerrie the gay fashionable male not very big.
Clyde the cool big guy who doesn't talk much just sits there in sunnys
this is all in order


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What a fun thread! :) I'll join in!

First off is Dillon, he would definatly be the nerd that sits at the front of the class and doesn't talk to anyone else, but very likable nontheless.

Caly would be the in your face strutting her stuff kinda of girl that thinks she's all that and a bag of potato chips!

Bonnie would be the shy girl that sits at the back of the class trying to avoid the world.

Vesta would be the beautiful bombshell girl that all that guys are nuts about! :)

Rem would definatly be the cute little sports girl with a ton of athletic talent.

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