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What would you like to see as far as ground manners in a horse?

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I'm currently in the middle of training my 2 1/2 yr old QH gelding, and would like to hear what y'all would like to see as far as groundwork and ground manners in any horse? I want to train this horse right.
He is green broke, but we won't be starting further saddle training until he's back up to a healthy weight, as he's pretty underweight currently. He already is very respectful in his manners, but I want to see what you guys would like to see in a horse for ground manners.
Any ideas welcome!

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There are several groundwork exercises I do with a colt, but when it is said and done, or if I were to get on an old horse, what I would expect of their manners to call them good mannered:

They are light on a lead rope. They don’t dance around or get pushy. They are aware of where I am and what I am doing and try to stay by my side leading. They also aren’t watchy of things on the ground.

They back softly.

They stand for saddling and later stand for mounting.

I think that’s all I actually notice on the ground with an older horse. I mean, you aren’t putting them through their paces. They are polite if they do those simple things.
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