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What would you like to see as far as ground manners in a horse?

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I'm currently in the middle of training my 2 1/2 yr old QH gelding, and would like to hear what y'all would like to see as far as groundwork and ground manners in any horse? I want to train this horse right.
He is green broke, but we won't be starting further saddle training until he's back up to a healthy weight, as he's pretty underweight currently. He already is very respectful in his manners, but I want to see what you guys would like to see in a horse for ground manners.
Any ideas welcome!

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I don't like my horses rushing past me when going through a gate. I train them to let me go first and calmly follow me. Secondly, waiting to be dismissed. I've seen people take the halter off their horses and the horses immediately rush off to join their friends. Don't like that. And thirdly, wait until I dump the feed in the trough or pan before sticking their heads in there to eat. On the other hand, it is fine with me if they start moving before I'm settled in the saddle. No one is perfect. ;)
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