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So I am really bored and figured id start a random thread. What is in your tack locker/list of all your horses stuff. For example:

I have
8 english saddle pads
2 western saddle pads
2 english bridles
1 western bridle with hackmore
show halter
5 halter and lead ropes
red rope halter
6 sets of polo wraps
2 sets of bell boots
one pair of hind leg boots
bareback pad
lunge line
side reins
hay bag
bridle bag
half pad
helmet of course
treats for the horse
grooming box
4 buckets
standing wraps/pillow wraps
Don't worry if list is too long. It well give me something to read and then I won't feel as bad about having so much stuff for only one horse.

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i have 2 lockers one for each horse.
scouts has
his saddle [& sometimes his girth]
3 bridles [one is his, one is my show bridle for any horse i show & one is my spare bridle if i have a horse come in for training]
3 saddle pads
tall boots
show clothes
1 helmet that can be used for anyone who rides scout
brush box
some spare bits
a sweatshirt
mud boots
an extra halter
my teeny tiny plastic show trunk with my braiding stuff & some other random show necessities

gypsys has
her saddle [girth when scouts doesnt have it, they share]
2 saddle pads
her bridle
an old horse blanket of my sisters
the training saddle [old peice of junk we use for the first couple times they wear a saddle]
my helmet
my gloves
some halter peices
a spare bit
extra reins
5 gal buckets
2 small feed tubs
2 polo wraps
both the horses grain

i think thats it.....i also have some stuff i keep in the indoor arena & some stuff i keep at home & in the trailer.....
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