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When is a mare too old to breed?

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Hello all

A lady I ride with and have been good friends with was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and I have inherited her mare. She is a Palomino quarter horse, maybe 16yo (could be 1 or 2 years older). I do not know her exact DOB, but I know that she has never had a foal.

I am having a vet come out in a month to do the yearly vet check, and I'll bring it up with them as well, but just thought I would see what the community had to say.

Is she too old to have a foal? Would it be too hard for her since she is getting up in years? She goes into season EVERY MONTH ... so I know she is still capable.

I'm a newbie to breeding. It's been 20 years since I've last had a pregnant mare so I'm just throwing around the idea. I also just watched videos of foals on youtube so I'm baby crazy right now! ;)
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What would be the purpose of breeding her?
Honestly ... nostalgia. And to have another foal to have from birth.

I've had my gelding since he hit the ground. We had his mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, uncle, father, grandfather and great-grandfather ... so I grew up with a family of horses in my life. When my family talks about "the horses", it's like we are talking about family. I grew up on a cattle farm.

My boy is the last of that family of horses, and he is around 20 now. This mare is my only other horse and I just had the spark of an idea of starting another family of horses ... but I don't have cattle anymore so it would just be to have another horse since they are getting older.

She is papered (I just don't have them yet). Her bloodlines are supposed to be good, but I've never really cared about that ... like I said, the horses were our family. They were amazing, well trained/bred Arabs and I still have their papers. But I wouldn't have sold them for any amount of money. I wouldn't be breeding her to sell the foal, just to have another horse from birth.

After reading all of these replies, I think I'm sold on buying a foal or young horse. It would be too risky for her, and possibly above my expertise to care for an older pregnant mare.

Thanks for all the replies!!
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